Sensory deprivation, an innovation in the wellness industry

Within the Beauty & Wellness area of Principe di Fitalia Hotel, guests can experience all the benefits of sensory deprivation, the last frontier of well-being, considered the true innovation in the field of wellness.

The body, immersed for about an hour in a large tank filled with 25 cm of super-saturated solution of magnesium salts (Epsom salts), which recreate the conditions equal to three times those found in the Dead Sea, will float effortlessly on the water surface, heated at body temperature. The result is a total and immediate relaxation of body and mind, deprived of external stimuli, which rebalance in a natural way, reaching a state of pure abandon.

The floating, namely the absence of gravity of the body, promotes rapid recovery from injury, in addition to having various other benefits in the medical field. The salts present in the water favor the functioning of the nervous system and the flow of oxygen in the organism, facilitating the reduction of inflammation. In addition, the Epsom Salts are a great exfoliant with emollient properties for a soft and nourished skin.

Physical and mental well-being in one exclusive treatment available for both Hotel guests and those who are not staying at the hotel.