the ayurvedic massage, an Indian practice that rebalances your body and mind

For a relaxing weekend, the guests of Principe di Fitalia Hotel spa can enjoy the benefits of the ancient Indian art of the Ayurvedic massage, a short walk from the sea in Syracuse.

A booth dedicated to this practice and specialized staff offer a rejuvenating experience to those who want to leave the daily stress.

The Ayurvedic massage is a manipulation treatment of the body, more or less delicate, which is done using hands, elbows, forearms and hands, combining essential oils depending on the different needs of the person undergoing the massage. You can choose the full-body massage or a massage focused on specific areas of the body like head, scalp, face, neck, back, legs and feet.

The results obtained from this treatment are manifold; the massage promotes circulation of vital fluids for the health of body and mind; your skin stays young and elastic; stimulates the rebalancing of the body's energy centers - following the Indian philosophy of Ayurveda - and counteracts the symptoms of stress, such as muscle tension in the neck and back, stomach pain and anxiety.