Wasser path:a hydrotherapeutic treatment that envelops the senses

At the SPA of the Principe di Fitalia Wellness Center, a few steps from the Syracuse sea, guests can savour the pleasure of a water path that envelops the senses in a mix of well-being, combining specific hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and color therapy treatments: the Wasser path.

Better known as emotional shower, the Wasser path is the union of four different types of shower, different for color, intensity and temperature, and a water jet massage.

The multi-sensory path begins by enveloping guests in a red light under a warm rain with tropical essences, especially the mango fragrance that fights depression and stimulates concentration; the next step is between the cold mist with a mint fragrance that favours vasoconstriction and increases the cooling effect, highlighted by a blue light that relaxes the mind; it continues with a jet of hot water for the side massage of the body and the reached balance feeling is underlined by a green light; a new jet of warm rain flavored with orange, having detoxifying and antibacterial properties, combined with a yellow light, awakens the reflexes, stimulates energy and, at the same time, gives calm; the path ends enveloped in a purple light with a refreshing rain with lemon balm for a soothing effect.