A warm bath at the spa area of our hotel with citrus fragrance

At the Wellness area of Principe di Fitalia Hotel, our guests can take a break of relaxation and wellbeing in the two aromatic saunas based on citrus and mint essences. A total regenerating experience thanks to the blend of essential oils with strong balsamic and revitalizing properties.
Upon their arrival, our guests are welcomed with a spa kit , comprising a soft Frette bathrobes, beach towels and flip-flops.

For our treatments, we use only products based on natural elements - mint, aloe, slime, almond oil - free of parabens, mineral oils, vaseline, paraffin, colorants, peg and polysorbates.

The ancient practice of the sauna heat bath originates in the Baltic countries, hence the name of Finnish sauna. The temperature can reach 80 ° - 100 ° C, with a moisture content that does not exceed 10-20%.

Properties and reliefs of the sauna

It is one of the beauty treatments par excellence as it favours the elimination of toxins and acids in a natural way, deeply cleansing the skin that regains its natural purity and brightness; overall metabolism regains its balance thanks to the stimulation of the neurovegetative system.

Greatest source of well-being, the sauna, with its extraordinary relaxation and detoxification properties, facilitates the balance of mind and body.