Hydrotherapy with revitalizing water jets at different temperature in pure relaxation

In the exclusive wellness center of Principe di Fitalia, Syracuse, Vichy shower (or effusion shower) is one of the most unique and innovative spa treatments that our hotel makes available to its guests.

Lying on a comfortable heated bed, guests will be sprayed for about 15-20 minutes with several water jets provided at different pressure. The water temperature varies from 32 to 38 degrees, depending on the beneficial effect you want to achieve. A cooler water jet stimulates blood circulation for a toning and firming effect, while a warmer temperature promotes muscle relaxation and helps treat any imperfections such as cellulite.

The jets, positioned at the top and at close distance from the person, create a true water massage: the feeling is total relaxation and immediate well-being.

The Vichy shower was created in France, in the most important spa complexes. They soon realized its many beneficial effects, for example in the treatment of sleep disorders, disorders of the liver and intestine, light heart disorders, early fatigue, headache.

To complete the beneficial effect of the Vichy shower during the session, you can have additional more specific cosmetic treatments such as peeling and muds, choosing among our many spa programmes.