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Massage Area

Relaxation, well-being and energy with massages given by expert staff.

Our exclusive Wellness Centre, in Syracuse, offers its guests an entire area dedicated to massages. Our wellness programmes are designed to meet the needs of all our customers.

A booth is for ayurvedic massage, where you can also have massages and aromatic couple bath. Two other large rooms contains comfortable loungers on which guests can relax with a dream massage.

There is a wide selection of massages, carried out by our qualified staff.

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Relax Massage

The most classic massage, which blends harmoniously different techniques and the use of aromatic oils. The result is deep relaxation and, at the same time, regained energy.

Energizing massage

A burst of energy that comes from expert hands, awakening the undertone muscles and giving a natural recharge for the body tired by the everyday life stress.

Decontracting massage

Particularly suitable for therapeutic purposes, this treatment aims to relieve the pain caused by muscle contractures. The session provides a manipulation of the affected area with specific maneuvers, pressure or friction. The use of essential oils with relaxing effect favors the loosing up of the contracted area.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This treatment stimulates the flow of lymph circulating in the lymphatic vessels only through the stimulation due to muscle contractions. Light and delicate, it is a massage practiced with constant movements, starting from the neck, moving first on the face and then on the rest of the body to finish in the groin area, touching the lymph nodes and stimulating the purifying action.

Honey Massage

Following an ancient Tibetan custom, the practice of honey massage is very suitable for skin treatment. The active components of the honey, used during the massage, restore elasticity and tone of the skin and, at the same time, purify it from the toxins. Delicate touches alternate with more decisive movements, starting from the feet up to the head. At the end of the massage, you are sprinkled with a hot honey cream and wrapped in a soft towel for a moment of total relaxation.

Chocolate massage

The latest frontiers of wellness use chocolate treatments to reduce skin orange peel and to make the skin soft and smooth. The countless beneficial properties contained in the cacao plant are exploited for the benefit of beauty and fitness. Here are the many actions of the chocolate massage: anti-cellulite, revitalizing, exfoliating, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-depressant. The aroma of chocolate accompanying the treatment stimulates the production of serotonin, the so-called hormone of the good mood, making its beneficial effects even more effective.

Candle massage

An absolute novelty in the field of wellness, the candle massage recalls the slow and gentle movements of the Hawaiian massage. Enveloped in the intoxicating essences emitted by the lit candles, you are massaged with their warm wax that is poured gently over the body. All five senses are stimulated and the result is a feeling of total physical and mental relaxation, which lasts even after finishing massage. This treatment leaves the skin soft thanks to the nourishing and softening properties of the vegetable oil contained in the candles.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone practice has therapeutic effects in cases of rheumatic or muscular pain, back pain, stress, insomnia, poor circulation, but also aesthetic improvements as it relaxes the skin making it smoother.

The treatment consists in applying hot stones in the interested areas, which slowly release the heat accumulated. The feeling of well-being and relaxation is total.

Mint, aloe, slime, almond oil are some of the natural elements found in cosmetic products used during treatments. They are all natural products without parabens and silicone.